I’m a mom and wife, trying to get us all together as a family.

I’m living in Michigan with my 6 year old daughter, Khloe, and my husband and stepdaughter are in Wyoming. I’ve been trying to move to Wyoming long before I met my now-husband; my mom and step-dad and brother live in Wyoming, along with a nephew and two nieces.

After I had my daughter, I knew raising her in Wyoming would be better for her. The schools are so much better, and the crime rate is lower. 

I had an agreement with the father of my child while I was pregnant, that I’d only live in Michigan for a few months because my dad is here. (I was actually living in North Carolina when I got pregnant and decided to come back.) He agreed over and over, but as I’d find out much later, he had another plan. He’s been using the courts to keep me here and I started this blog because I’m fed up. 

I’m tired of being belittled in the courtroom for trying to do what’s best for Khloe. I’m tired of the court saying lies about me. So I’m here to correct it. Over time, I’ve seen others talk about their bad experiences with the same judge I have, and heard about it through other people too. 

I can’t just sit back any longer and accept what has happened. 

Thank you for visiting, and I appreciate all comments made on my posts.