The Government Can Tell You Which Schools Your Child Can and Can’t Go To

“It is here by ordered, adjudged and decreed that Plaintiff is prohibited from withdrawing Khloe M. Shellman, DOB: 4/13/2010 from the Lansing School District.”


Some quick facts:

  • I have sole physical custody of our daughter; Legal custody has not been established.
  • I enrolled Khloe at the school she is in now (and was then). The Lansing School District is known for not being a good school system. I was told when Khloe was in preschool that if she has to be in the Lansing School District, try and get her into Wexford Montessori. So that is what I did, months before school started. Her father made no attempt to be involved in this decision. In the past, he has told me that this is the mother’s job. Additionally, when school did start in the fall, her father still had not asked about her schooling, but I informed him of the orientation anyways. He did not show up.
  • Khloe’s father has admitted under oath that he was not involved in the child’s educational decisions.
  • I have had multiple lawyers tell me I had every right to change schools for Khloe. I had inquired about this before transferring her to the K12 Online Public School. I had recently been denied a change of domicile to be with my husband and step-daughter and wanted the ability to travel more.

This situation is another very good example of me trying to cooperate and deal with what the courts throw at me, yet it gets shut down.

This happened in February 2016, but to this day, Khloe’s father does not communicate with her teacher, he refuses to make Khloe do her homework and it has gotten lost at his house, he does not attend school activities, he does not ask about her grades, help pay for field trips, or go to her conferences.

I still need to obtain the transcript from this hearing, but when I do, this post will be updated. I know the judge said to me that because Khloe’s father did not want her pulled out of the school, I am therefore not allowed to pull her out of the school. I will quote it when I can. Ultimately, the judge put my rights in the Defendant’s hands.


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