The Belittling Begins- My First Appearance in Front of Judge Baird

This is my first hearing with Judge Laura Baird on June 12, 2012. I will be referring to a copy of the transcript made by the court.

Sheet 4, page 8:

Baird, speaking to me:

“You made really serious allegations against this person who you chose to have a baby with 25 months ago. It’s very serious, you accusing him of sexually abusing his daughter.”

  • Later in this transcript, you can see that I needed to correct the judge on this. Her information was wrong and she should not have said what she did.
  • What gives the court this right to make comments such as “you chose to have a baby”? The judge does not know this is a fact, and it is not her business. If she would have given me a chance after putting me down the way she did, I might have been able to explain that was not true. I will not go into detail about that because my daughter is everything to me and I never want her to believe that she wasn’t wanted. But I will say, if certain laws had passed, I could have pressed charges against him for how I got pregnant. Additionally, if you want to get into the details of it and say I chose to have sex with that man and therefore I knew the potential outcome of doing so, I’d still contest. It would be safe to say that I actually didn’t because that man lied about everything. He lied about his name, his age, who he was living with, and pursued me under false pretenses. He has admitted this in court, but for some reason, that does not matter. If I had known the truth, there was no way I would have been involved with that man.

Sheet 4, page 8-9:

The Judge says it again:

“It looks like you want to cut him out and that you are attempting everything you can to cut him out, including the ultimate accusation of sexual abuse, which is very serious. I mean, if you think he’s capable of doing that, why did you have a child with him?”

Me: “Before I found out I was pregnant he never even once disrespected me. I never had any indication that he was physically or mentally abusive. That didn’t happen until I was 3 weeks pregnant, and things have escalated since then.”

Baird: “Now that’s all history…”

  • Now it’s all history? She’s the one who brought it up, and then didn’t like my answer, so she changed the subject.
  • There is absolutely no evidence that I was only trying to cut the child out of his life. She had no right to say this about me, either.

Sheet 4, page 10:


“… And regarding the investigation by [Children’s Protective Services worker, I’ll keep her name omitted], we talked to her this morning. My office did. I didn’t. And she’s — she’s busy doing other things. But my impression is that this is not a high priority for her. I don’t think she regards this as a child who’s at risk.”

  • This CPS invesitgator was in the process of being transferred to another job on this very same day. I got in contact with her after this, and she told via email that she did not answer her phone that day. This CPS worker stated in a letter that the judge had: “I have met with Ms. Hartigan and have viewed the child and have taken photographs of the injuries that were reported. This writer has made multiple attempts to meet with [father’s name] and have left several business cards at his home requesting contact. The last attempt was on 6/1/2012. I have not heard from Mr. [father’s last name] to schedule a meeting and have sent a letter with a time and date and requesting that he make arrangements to be present or contact this writer to re-schedule… This writer requests that any parenting time order not be enforced until this investigation can be completed and can meet with the father and his girlfriend, [father’s girlfriends name].” During this hearing, the Defendant-father stated that the CPS worker had not been in contact at all, and the judge took his word over that of a CPS investigator. 

Sheet 5, page 13:

After I had tried to inform Judge Baird that I brought evidence to show that I have in fact tried to communicate with the father (she’s accused me several times of not doing so), and brought up other suspicious problems that the child had coming home from her father’s house, Judge Baird says this:

“I think you have a problem, ma’am. I think you have a problem.”

Me: “I have a problem?”

Baird: “Yes. I think you have a problem. I think — stop looking around and acting this way. Get yourself under control.”

  • I still remember the day I read this transcript and realized what exactly what the judge had done. I was not looking around, and I was far from out of control. My dad was in the courtroom this day, and after she had tried to tell me that I have a problem, I turned around to look at my dad, and simply turned back to look at the judge. But by saying what she did, it looks like I in fact do have a problem, and it makes it look like her accusations against me are accurate. If the court could upgrade to 2017, maybe it would be recorded and it would show that that is not what happened. Also, who gave her a degree in psychology? This is abusive language the judge used. Clearly, she is more focused on coming up with opinions instead of sticking with the facts. Throughout this website, trancsripts and court documents, you will see that this judge continues to manipulate the court records by doing things just like this, and that there are numerous causes for concern about the Defendant-father, which the judge has ignored. 

Sheet 6, page 15:

Me: “Even though he doesn’t have to do anything he was court ordered to do, such as the drug testing?”

Baird: “Where does that say he was –“

Me: “He was supposed to do drug testing with PATS. He never completed it. He said he owed 20 or $30. I even went there myself and offered to pay it myself so that the results would be sent to the friend of the court. And they wouldn’t –”

  • And then the judge changed the subject. So she was informed that he had not followed through with the court order and ignored it. Still sticking with the accusations towards me and not even questioning the Defendant-father on it.

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